Coach Holidays in Italy

Lake Garda


It’s difficult to decide where to go on a coach holiday to Italy because the ‘boot shaped’ peninsula is packed with so many marvellous cities, hilltop towns, stunning coastal resorts and spectacular lakes to choose from.  

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The Eternal City of Rome is a feast of astounding landmarks and ancient architecture, from the imposing Colosseum and ancient Pantheon to the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain. In the Vatican City you can visit St Peter’s Basilica and see Michelangelo’s most famous work of art in the Sistine Chapel.

The rural landscape of Tuscany is also a stunning coach holiday destination. Here you can visit Florence, the home of the Renaissance art movement, and visit Siena and Pisa, with its much-photographed Leaning Tower.

Meanwhile, located at the top of the Adriatic Sea, Venice is a romantic city which lies on its iconic network of canals and can be explored, perhaps best of all, by a gentle gondola ride.

Alternatively if you’re looking to get away from the strains of working life then escape to the tranquil scenery and shimmering waters of Lake Garda and Lake Como, soak up the sun in the chic Italian resort of Diano Marina or head further south to the Bay of Naples.

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