Coach Breaks to Ghost


If there was one 90s cult musical that you thought it would never be possible to pull off on stage, it’s Ghost the Musical.

But thanks to eye boggling special effects by illusionist Paul Kieve and stunning projections by Jon Driscoll, Ghost the Musical manages to successfully cross the realms of reality and afterlife, enabling audiences to fall in love once again with Bruce Joel Rubin’s doubled Academy award-winning work once more.

The show follows the tragic yet moving story of two young lovers Molly and Sam Wheat.

When the couple are walking home one night everything is reassuringly normal until they are mugged and Sam is murdered by a work colleague after finding out he is investigating a friend’s dodgy dealings.

Sam finds himself trapped between the present and afterlife and desperate to warn Molly whose life is on the line.

But there’s hope for Sam when he comes across flamboyant and fun-loving clairvoyant, Oda Mae Brown. Can she help Sam protect Molly?

If you loved the film, then you will enjoy this stage adaptation, which has been brought to life with spectacular results using stunning special effects and an unforgettable score by Eurythmics member Dave Stewart and Glen Ballard.

All your favourite scenes are featured, the highlight of which is of course the iconic pottery wheel scene, which is played out to a breath-taking rendition of 'Unchained Melody'.

An engaging romantic story of heart-wrenching love and grief, be warned, this musical will leave you an emotional wreck and reaching for the tissues!

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