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The Billy Elliot story

Given the success of the film version of Billy Elliot, which was nominated for three Oscars and 13 Baftas, it’s perhaps not surprising that the stage musical has enjoyed equal success.

This uplifting story follows the journey of a young 11 year-old Billy, who turns his back on boxing lessons after accidently stumbling on his passion for ballet dancing.

Set against the backdrop of northern mining town at the height of the miners’ strikes, Billy has to overcome more than just his dad’s disapproval to fulfil his dream.

He must also come to terms with the death of his mum, the desperation felt by his local community and the stigma attached to the fact that ‘boys don’t do ballet’.

But despite his personal struggles, Billy breaks the mould and shows steely determination to transform his family’s fortunes, inspire an entire community and change attitudes in the process.

With spectacular choreography, plus music by Sir Elton John, this rousing tale of triumph over adversity is full of grittiness but be warned it’s also an emotional rollercoaster that is guaranteed to get you laughing and crying in equal measures.

Toe-tappingly brilliant from start to finish, find out why critics have called it the musical of the decade by booking with Caledonian Travel.

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Please note - Billy Elliot The Musical contains strong language which some people might find offensive and is only recommended for children aged eight years and older.

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